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Company's services

ZaporozhPipe provides services in the metal products field, namely, coil slitting, manufacture of hollow sections from client's raw materials, and manufacture of packaging buckles.

Coil slitting

We offer coil slitting from client's raw material or you can order finished strips of our manufacture.

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Hollow sections from
client’s raw materials

We offer the manufacture of hollow sections from client’s raw materials. Made hollow sections may have a size of 15x15mm to 100x60mm and wall thickness from 1.5mm to 4mm.

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Packaging buckles

ZaporozhPipe manufactures packaging buckles that are used to package products of ferrous metallurgy, wood processing and other industries. Made of high quality steel, buckles are used for steel and plastic tape also it will serve as an additional guarantee of the strength of the packaging products. The size of the buckles is 32x65x2mm.

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